Five Useful Packing Hacks for Travelling

All is well when you’ve booked your flight and finalized your itinerary, until you’re left with one last thing to do before your escapade: PACKING. One of the struggles in travelling is maximizing the space in your luggage to fit more stuff and where your some extra clothes like rompers is in an organized manner. There are weight restrictions which limits how much stuff and how many luggages to bring. Moreover, not everyone knows how to pack light, so here are a few space-saving hacks when packing for your trip.

  • A contact lens case is your best friend. You can reduce weight and save space by placing your moisturizer, sunblock and other facial products inside this small case so you can just leave behind your big bottles of foundation and facial wash.
  • Use a dry-cleaning bag for clothes that wrinkle easily. An ootd photo is a must in every travel so for jumpsuits and rompers for women, lay them inside it and fold it like you normally would. The plastic will prevent creases to your clothes. This hack is perfect for stylish travellers who love exploring in style.
  • Instead of folding, just roll with it. Maximize the space in your bag rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Rolled clothes take up less space, making room for more things you could bring with you. You’d be surprised how much more you could fit into your luggage!
  • Protect your accessories with plastic wrap and a pill box storage. For necklaces and bracelets, lay them flat and press them in between two sheets plastic wrap to avoid movement which results to tangling. For smaller accessories like sterling silver earrings amazon and rings, you can use a pill box to organize them. This will save you the time looking for them around your luggage when you lose it.
  • Shower caps aren’t for showering only. Use it to protect your clothes from the dirt from your shoes. Put your clothes inside a shower cap to keep the dirt at bay. Bonus tip: Stuff socks and other products (like a medicine bottle) inside your shoes to maximize more space.

When travelling, always remember to collect moments, not things and play games like spin the bottle game. May these packing hacks help you make the most of your travel. Don’t let the lack of space in your luggage limit the excitement you’re about to experience in your next travel destination!