5 Different Body Types of Women & How To Dress Up Accordingly

In the world today, there are different forms and sizes of beautiful that people are slowly learning to accept. If people worship a specific type of beauty, body shape & size before, nowadays people are slowly understanding that there are different kinds of beautiful in one’s shape & size. One of the best ways to show off one’s body is through fashion and  styles that can be bought from any clothing stores. To make the most of this and flaunt your best assets, here is a short overview of the most common body types how to dress accordingly.

Straight Body Type

Also known as the rectangular body type, the straight type is the most common one among women who wears rose gold sequin formal dress. It means that one’s hips and bust are balance, but the waist not very defined and they have a bottom that is more flat than round. They tend to gain weight in the torso first, followed by the upper thighs and arms. Having that said, their lower legs are very well shaped, and it’s one of your best assets.


Fashion tip: Define your waist. Since you’re body type doesn’t define your waist very well, it’s the part you have to focus on the most. Proportionally dress up your upper and lower body while emphasizing your waist to create an hourglass body type illusion. Opt for high-waist pants paired with a belt to make it more defined.

Pear body type

This is sometimes called the triangle body type. Someone with a pear-shaped body type has hips that are larger than the bust, but have a nicely defined waist which makes it your best asset. They have slim arms and shoulders. Women with this body type easily gains weight in their bottoms and the legs, and then the stomach and their upper body.


Fashion tip: Aside from emphasizing your waist, add volume to your upper body to create an hourglass body illusion. It’s best to wear A-line skirts or a boot cut jeans that fall straight down from the widest part of your hip.

Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle is the athletic body type. Women with this body type have a proportionally larger upper body. They have broad shoulders, ample bust and a wide back. Their hips are slim and the waist is subtle. Those with the inverted triangle body shape tend to gain weight in the belly and upper body. The legs are the best asset.


Fashion tips: Play with different skirt lengths to show off your beautiful legs, but don’t get too carried away and go for skirts that are too short. Super mini skirts might give you a top-heavy look that does not really look good.

Hourglass body type

This is the most coveted body type that many women strive for. Those with the hourglass body type have a well- balanced bust and hips. They have gently rounded shoulders that align nicely with the hips. The upper body is proportionate with the length of the legs. Women with an hourglass body type is the epitome of harmony and balance in terms of body shapes.


Fashion tip: Accentuate the waist, while dressing proportionately in your upper and lower body. No matter what you do, always try to maintain balance because you already have a great body shape. Also, people with this body type have nicely shaped legs so don’t be afraid to play with skirt lengths to show it off!

Best Travel Quotes for the Wanderlusts

People need a little motivation every once in a while.Work and school have the tendency to drain all our energy everyday leaving us exhausted and uninspired. If you know a chef, motivate them with new kitchen accessories, or if you know a tech savvy person who just broke his gaming mouse, buy electronics online to cheer him up. It’s not that hard to give inspiration to someone who needs it. So for the wanderlusts out there who need a little push, here are a few favorite travel quotes that might spark your passion for travelling once again.


“To travel is to live.”

Living is enjoying every minute of every day and not letting any bad vibe get into your head and to affect your mood. What better way to spend time, travel abroad, go on a camping, swimming wearing your sexy plus size bathing suits in the world than going to new places and immersing yourself in another culture?


“Let’s wander where the wifi is weak.”

The internet is amazing, but sometimes we just have to stay away from it and enjoy life offline. You can still take pictures for social media, but upload them later. Even just for one day, allow yourself to forget about the online world, just breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the moment.


“Travel is the healthiest addiction.”

Veer away from unhealthy addictions such as drugs and being with toxic people. Buy a ticket and live beautifully! The sound of the airplane engines landing, the smell of another country, and the sight of new views and people can be addicting, leading you to plan another getaway right after it. At least it’s a healthy kind of addiction.


“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

Need I say more?


“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.”

Life is best spent collecting experiences and memories, rather than material things. It’s amazing to have many stories to tell your family, your friends, and maybe your future kids and grandkids. Material things like Best Aqua Socks For Swimming tend to break or get lost but your life adventures, memories and experiences last forever.

A Quick Guide to Buying a Woman’s Watch

Clothes alone already make a great outfit esp. for workout like Leg kick Pilates, but it’s the little things that serve as the cherry on top to your outfit: accessories. Accessories compliment the clothes you don which results to a complete ensemble that represents you. One classic accessory you should invest in is a watch. If you have to look at your wrist every once in a while to be able to know the time, might as well do it in style. Choosing the perfect watch could be much of a challenge because of the endless options that watch brands have to offer. Here’s a quick guide on buying the watch for you.


First off, choose the movement type of the watch you want whether it’s the mechanical, automatic, quartz or the watch complications. The mechanical watch does not need any batteries but requires regular winding. It’s kind of high maintenance because it is also sensitive to the environment thanks to the intricate springs and gears that help make the watch function. The automatic is similar to the mechanical kind, but the only difference is that the automatic watch is self-winding which means you need not go to a watch expert to have it winded. When not in use, you  may have to place it in a watch winder for the watch not to stop functioning and hassle you to reset it again and again. The quartz is one of the most common movement types of watches that people buy for its accurate time and low-maintenance. Unlike the first two types, it doesn’t need winding. It just needs a battery which you could replace after a year or so. Last but not the least, watch complications. Aside from telling time, some watches have other features such as a display that shows the date or the phases of the moon.


Second one you should think of is the style. For women, there is a sporty watch, jewelry watch and a dress watch that matches all kinds of dresses, see more about rompers and jumpsuits here. For a girls night out, you can don an elegant one piece  jumpsuit and pair it with an amazon sterling silver earrings and a Cartier fashion watch. If you’re an active kind of woman, go for a sporty watch from TAG Heuer or Casio. One should also consider the material of the watch. There’s the traditional gold watch (which now has different shades like yellow gold and rose gold), and the ceramic material. The gold is usually to give a more solid touch to a woman’s watch, and the ceramic is usually the more practical choice because it doesn’t scratch and gives a woman a more polished look. Comfort over fashion should always be the mindset when choosing something to buy. So the next time you want a watch, find the movement type you’re most comfortable with and then choose the appearance of your watch. It’s no doubt you’ll rock that watch for a long time.

Five Useful Packing Hacks for Travelling

All is well when you’ve booked your flight and finalized your itinerary, until you’re left with one last thing to do before your escapade: PACKING. One of the struggles in travelling is maximizing the space in your luggage to fit more stuff and where your some extra clothes like rompers is in an organized manner. There are weight restrictions which limits how much stuff and how many luggages to bring. Moreover, not everyone knows how to pack light, so here are a few space-saving hacks when packing for your trip.

  • A contact lens case is your best friend. You can reduce weight and save space by placing your moisturizer, sunblock and other facial products inside this small case so you can just leave behind your big bottles of foundation and facial wash.
  • Use a dry-cleaning bag for clothes that wrinkle easily. An ootd photo is a must in every travel so for jumpsuits and rompers for women, lay them inside it and fold it like you normally would. The plastic will prevent creases to your clothes. This hack is perfect for stylish travellers who love exploring in style.
  • Instead of folding, just roll with it. Maximize the space in your bag rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Rolled clothes take up less space, making room for more things you could bring with you. You’d be surprised how much more you could fit into your luggage!
  • Protect your accessories with plastic wrap and a pill box storage. For necklaces and bracelets, lay them flat and press them in between two sheets plastic wrap to avoid movement which results to tangling. For smaller accessories like sterling silver earrings amazon and rings, you can use a pill box to organize them. This will save you the time looking for them around your luggage when you lose it.
  • Shower caps aren’t for showering only. Use it to protect your clothes from the dirt from your shoes. Put your clothes inside a shower cap to keep the dirt at bay. Bonus tip: Stuff socks and other products (like a medicine bottle) inside your shoes to maximize more space.

When travelling, always remember to collect moments, not things and play games like spin the bottle game. May these packing hacks help you make the most of your travel. Don’t let the lack of space in your luggage limit the excitement you’re about to experience in your next travel destination!